Bonsai Master / Expert

Robert is an influential and respected expert, author of two bonsai Art books, Vision of my Soul and Mission of Transformation, and is the cofounder of the highly respected Black Scissors Community, a philosophy and art community that espouses creativity and the confluence of freedom and technique. Roberts vision is one that bridges and transcends traditional Chinese and Japanese practice and brings modern sensibilities of art practice into the mix. 

Bonsai Artist / Expert

Spending his formative years in the Florida panhandle, Rodney moved permanently to Atlanta, GA when he was thirteen. He was captivated by bonsai in 1973 when he encountered a Trident maple forest that struck chords in his heart and artistic nature. Bonsai has been his passion since that time, which led him to naturally become a bonsai artist and instructor. Best known for his unique “rock plantings”, Rodney excels in capturing the tension in nature and translating it to bonsai.

Bonsai Artist / Expert​​

Toby is a resident of Miramar, FL and is one of the most influential bonsai teachers in Florida. Born in Puerto Rico and the mid 60’s, Toby has lived in South Florida since 1987.  While studying architecture in Miami he established a successful luxury yacht detailing and maintenance service company. Going on to work in various capacities in the construction industry and currently as District Manager with an international plumbing and heating systems manufacturer.

Bonsai Master / Expert

Ed has been given several national bonsai awards and legacy honors for his contribution and achievements in the art of bonsai. Ed resides in Miramar and continues to adjudicate, teach and showcase his specimens. Raised in Key West, Florida, and became interested in the Art of Bonsai in the early 70’s.